Spline Broaches

At Eagle Tool Company, we pride ourselves on the ability to produce some of the largest spline broaches in the industry. With capacity that exceeds 100" in length, and over 10" in diameter, we are in the position to supply our customers with all their spline broach needs.

With over 65 years of producing spline broaches to major industry in North America and beyond, we have the engineering and manufacturing experience needed to consistently produce the highest quality broaches possible to our customers. Including, but not limited too:

Eagle Tool Company, Inc.From build to print, to complete custom design and build, we can supply you with all your spline broach needs.

For a quote on tooling for your next spline broaching project, you can call our sales department at 906.774.0284, email us, or fill out and submit our online request for quote. We will get back to you with a competitive quote in a timely manner.