Custom Heat Treat

Custom Heat Treat Inc.Custom Heat Treat, Inc. is our heat treat division, and specializes in neutral salt bath hardening of high speed steel. With capacities of 100" in length, and 6" in diameter (solid), we have some of the largest capacity in the country.

We specialize in the heat treatment of cutting tools, specifically broaches, injection molding screws, forging dies, form tools, etc. Our austenitizing furnaces are controlled by state of the art digital controls with temperature consistency of +/- 2 degrees. Normalizing, annealing, and the availability of grit shot blasting for cleaning to an extra smooth finish add to the uncompromising dedication to customer service and quality at Custom Heat Treat.

Our experienced technicians work closely with the steel manufacturers to keep pace with the ever changing steel technologies in order to provide our customers with the best possible product.

In keeping with our dedication to customer service and quality, very close run-out tolerances are maintained on our customer's round broaches and screws. For broaches, we hold .010 or less T.I.R., and injection molding screws are held at .007 or less T.I.R.

Custom Heat Treat Inc. heat treats for manufacturers throughout the United States. Including, but not limited to, broach manufacturers, injection molding machine builders, tool manufacturers, and machine tool builders.

You can contact Custom Heat Treat using the information below.

Custom Heat Treat, Inc.
628 W. Breitung Ave.
Kingsford, MI 49802
P: 906.774.9240
F: 906.774.0342