Broach Sharpening

Eagle Tool Company Broach SharpeningBroach sharpening is the most basic element of tooling management. Under ideal circumstances, a light face sharpening (.005" - .007") will remove all tooth wear, and bring the cutting edge back to "as new" condition. With proper maintenance, this practice maximizes the life of the tool and the number of parts produced during the life cycle.

As a full service broach provider, we offer our customers sharpening services on all tools, regardless of the manufacturer. The scenario above is based on proper tool management. This requires pulling the tool out of service at a scheduled interval for sharpening. When this doesn't happen, there is additional wear on the teeth, requiring more of the tooth land to be ground away to eliminate the wear, with the possibility of having to re-back off the tooth, and depending on the type of broach configuration, may require manual part material removal and re-relief. All this equals reduced tool life and increased cost.

As a value added partner, Eagle Tool Company offers all our customers the option of tool management programs. Our initial role would be to analyze your production practices, look at your existing tool life and parts per broach expenses, compare broach design to your current part configuration, and look at your current production numbers verses your broaching target numbers. After analyzing all this information, we will recommend a maintenance plan tailored to your needs. Stocking programs are also available.

If you would like more information on any of these options, or would like to talk to one of our sales specialists, please call our sales department at 906.774.0284, email us, or fill out and submit our online request for quote form.