Broach Reconditioning

As a full service broach provider, one of the many services we offer is flat and form broach reconditioning. This differs from broach sharpening, when applicable, because we are completely removing the existing broach form, pushing the gullets of the teeth to the needed depth, then regrinding the form on the broach as new. This requires shimming the broach, but when feasible, is a cost effective way to realize new tooling, at a fraction of the price of new.

An additional service that we offer is the welding and regrinding of broken teeth. This is done using the TIG welding process, with the filler material maintaining the original hardness of the tool. This is a cost effective way to save a damaged broach, without sacrificing tool performance.

We also offer the replacement and regrinding of broken pullers and retrievers. The methods used for this process vary, depending on broach size, location of break, etc.

If you would like to explore any of these options for your existing tooling, please call our sales department at 906.774.0284, email us, or fill out and submit our online request for quote form.