Broach Engineering Solutions

broach grindingWith over 70 years of broach engineering experience in-house, Eagle Tool Company is one of the most experienced broach design houses in the region. Whether you are in need of conventional design services, or "out of the box" solutions to achieve your most complex broaching needs, we have the ability, knowledge, and know how to help you realize your manufacturing goals.

In addition to our in-house engineering capabilities, we are also available for on-site trouble shooting and evaluation services. Many problems in the broaching process have nothing to do with the tool, but can be attributed to alignment issues, fixturing issues, machine issues, and even coolant issues. Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes with the experience needed to quickly diagnose simple, as well as complex manufacturing issues involving broaching, broaches, punches, and dies.

At Eagle Tool, we offer our customers the following engineering solutions:

For more information on our engineering and design capabilities, please give us a call at 906.774.0284, email us, or fill out our online RFQ form.