Eagle Tool Company Eagle Tool Company
101 Woodward Ave.
Iron Mountain, MI  49801
  • In-Stock Keyway Broaches
    • Kept in oversized conditions so we can alter to your needs
  • Form tools and Inserts
    • From intricate to the most basic. We have experience in them all.
  • Rounds, Splines, Hexs and Squares
    • Diameters up to 20 inches and lengths to 100 inches.
  • Complete Rebuilding and Repair Service
    • Eagle has experience with spot-weld, ring-weld, chipped and cracked teeth, and repairing undersize broaches.  Rebuild your broaches at a fraction of the cost of replacing them!
Eagle's CNC Spline Griinder
Eagle's Form Grinders Quality

At Eagle Tool Company, we are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality cutting tools.  Our production personnel consistently hold our customer's most exacting tolerances.  We offer the same expertise from the basic to the most intricate forms.

Eagle Tool Company's engineering expertise is yours for the asking.  From complex tool design and fixturing projects to complete system analysis, Eagle Tool will deliver for you.  Using our State-of-the-art CAD/CAM system, Eagle Tool engineers can put practical broaching solutions to work for you!
Precision Grinding at Eagle Tool
Custom Heat Treat Heat Treating

We are one of the few broach manufacturing companies in the industry with in-house heat treat capability.  This allows Eagle Tool Company to significantly reduce lead times and create an environment where we can react to your needs on an immediate basis.
Our Guarantee at Eagle Tool Company is to serve you, our customer, with Superior Quality, Excellent Service and Timely Delivery.  Contact us for a price quote on your next broaching project!